It dawned on me the other day as I walked into the school quadrant to pick up my 6 year old from his year 1 class and saw many other parents already sitting down having a chat until the bell rang, that us parents do a hell of a lot of waiting. And I mean A LOT of waiting!

Whether it be waiting to see those two magical pink lines on a pregnancy stick, or to see the first scan and glimpse of what will become the most precious being to change our lives forever. Or waiting to feel the first kick, waiting for the baby furniture to arrive or to finish work, waiting for that first sign to tell you that labour has started and then finally holding your little bundle of joy in your arms for the first time!

I remember that waiting for each three of my children like it was yesterday and when they were each finally and safely in my arms, I wished that time would just stand still. Stand still so I could lose myself in that moment, in the warmth of my new baby, the smell of them and the euphoric feeling of endless love.

Then suddenly, I was home with my new bundle of joy and I found myself waiting yet again. Waiting for that first 6 weeks with a newborn to pass so that breastfeeding could be well established, and hoping my baby would have somewhat of a predictable routine by then. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I found myself waiting again, this time for the first tooth to cut through, or waiting for the right time to introduce solids, waiting to hear those three tear jerking words (I love you) and then waiting some more for all of those wonderful firsts to happen.

When my babies grew up and learned some independence, I waited for them to finish brushing their teeth or finish getting dressed, I waited for them to put their shoes on and tidy their toys away. I often wonder just how much time I spent simply waiting.

Since being a parent, I have learnt that along with being prepared, organised and quick on my feet, that I must continue to practise exercising a high level of patience. Our children have no concept of time because in their little world they are constantly asked to do one thing after another from putting their shoes on to finishing their dinner.

So that afternoon as I watched the many other parents wait for their children to come out of class, I thought to myself, that with each moment of waiting came a sense of relief or happiness.
Waiting for the first smile was met with an abundance of cheer and excitement, waiting for the first step to be taken was met with anticipation and joy, waiting for my child to start pre-school was met with trepidation and relief when they got to the door and happily waved me off, waiting for them to make a new friend in kindergarten was met with pride that they had reached such an important milestone into the great world of school, education and friendships. These moments of waiting were important for my children and for me.

And so, I wait outside my son’s classroom door with a big smile on my face and arms ready to embrace him because time away from him went too slow and I am eager to hear all about his day. I wait for my second son to finish practising to write his first name so that he can begin school the following year and I can tell him how proud I am that he could write it on his own. I wait for my 6 month old baby to wake up from his day sleep so I can nuzzle his neck, kiss his soft cheeks and tell him how much joy he has brought to our family. I wait for all of these moments because these are the moments that fill my heart with love, my mind with peace and my soul with pride.

I now believe that I will always be waiting for my children because even when they are older and have found a partner of their own to settle down with, it is highly likely that I will be eagerly waiting for their phone call, or for them to pop over for a coffee and a chat or perhaps to even give me a grandchild so that I can spend more time waiting to repeat some of the magical moments that I shared with my own kids.

I will always wait, and when I do, I will be happy and content that I have someone to wait for!

About the Author

I am a 33 year old Learning Designer and mother of 3 amazing little boys whom I live and breathe for. Motherhood has been one of the best things to ever happen to me and whilst there are amazing and memorable things to reminisce on everyday, it is also a role that has challenged and tested me many a time. I am passionate about creating beautiful memories with my kids and teaching them about healthy food, making good choices and being respectful. Here is an article on my experience as a mother raising my boys and written honesty with a heart full of explosive love for my children.

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