Two under two

When my eldest was eight months old, I had begun to think about her first Easter, about what size clothes she was growing into and how her morning naps seemed to be getting shorter. What I hadn’t begun thinking about was giving her a sibling.  Little did I know that the decision was already made for us.  We had been blessed with a little surprise. One we were over the moon about, albeit if it were a little sooner then we would have planned for.

Fast-forward ten months and our little surprise is here, two months old and wonderful. Another girl, only sixteen months younger then her sister. Her sister; our sassy, stubborn, beautiful eighteen-month-old toddler. We knew we’d be busy, even if we didn’t know, people told us enough. But I don’t know if I truly understood what having two under two meant, until I was living it.

5am and my husband has left for work, the baby starts crying, wanting her bottle. That’s fine; I get up and make it for her, and begin feeding her in the rocking chair, how peaceful it is, looking into her eyes. This lasts a whole of sixty seconds, before the toddler starts screaming. She’s woken way earlier then normal and is hungry. So with my chin resting on top of the bottle to keep it in my baby’s mouth, I head into the kitchen and get a bottle of milk for my eldest. I then proceed back into the nursery and place the baby down, before taking the milk into my toddler. Her nappy is full so that has to be changed. Okay that’s done, back into my baby to finish her feed. Her nappy needs to be changed too. Okay all done, she’s back in her crib and my eldest is back asleep in her cot. Its now well after six, so I head back to bed to get some more sleep, but the newborn decides at seven she has had enough sleep.

That is what having two under two is, it’s about having your husband at work, your newborn crying cause she is hungry, as soon as your toddler wants you to colour with me. It’s about your toddler waking with nightmares when your newborn’s being changed. Neither understands why one needs the attention more. It’s about your toddler learning the word ‘sister’ and saying it to her as often as she can, followed by kisses and covering her with blankets. It’s about both kids cuddling on your lap and watching cartoons. It’s about those miraculous days when both of them nap for two hours at the same time. Its about those days when my toddler is screaming out ‘dadda’ with such excitement when he gets home work and I am just as pleased as she is.

That’s what having two under two is really like, and honestly, I wouldn’t have my life any other way,

About the Author

I’m a 28 year old mother of a two little girls, living in regional Australia.