How to engage with your kids before school starts

So I have been thinking about this a lot this week as my sons 5th birthday (eek) is approaching and he starts school next year. What are the things we as a family want to experience and explore before he starts school as we know how difficult it is to get time off school for extended periods of time. So I started a list in my mind and talked with some of my mummy friends !

1. Travel, Travel and more Travel
Needless to say that travelling expands your horizon. Travelling with kids abroad or home can be stressful but the rewards are so much more than the stress. Your kids get to explore new things, language, culture and see things that they would not otherwise do. My son talks about our trip to UK frequently even though it was few years ago. He remembers things we did and saw and uses what he has experienced in his day to day life. I cannot recommend travelling enough. Even day trips to different areas outside your local area and exploring new museums, historical sites is an adventure for your kids.

2. Photos and Baby Diary
Yes we all have smart phones and we are constantly taking photos of our kids. But did we remember to document the first time they smiled, walked, talked and met their cousins in a baby diary? Did we print out the photos or lose them when the Iphone was lost? Whether a hard copy book from outlets such as or Kikki. K or using app like I love filling my baby book and putting all those memories together and cannot wait to share them with him when he is little older.

3. Trying Different Sports
Whether your kid is the next Olympic Champion or not it is so important to start early on and instil the good habits of moving and sports. Let’s face it, not everyone likes to move. Some kids love drawing and arts more, but to get them into the habit of trying new things with enthusiasm is important. My son has tried, judo, ice skating, soccer and is currently doing swimming and rugby which he loves. You won’t know what they like and what they prefer unless you try it with them.

4. Reading with your kids
We are avid readers in our family and from when our boys were little we have read good night stories. They now dictate what book we choose, or two or three and at times they take the book themselves to read on their own from the pictures even they cannot read the words as yet. Current favorites are Room on the Broom and Gruffalo’s Child by Julia Donaldson.

5.Spending time with your kids and playing
Okay this is no brainer or is it? We so easily turn the TV or iPad on when we need to do things so as not to get distracted by our kids. But our kids are there to distract us. That is their purpose and they ask questions, lots of questions and our responsibility is to be there for them and answer their questions. I know I am guilty of flicking through the news on my Iphone when I am with the kids in the playground. Kids learn through play, the more we play with them the better. Imaginary play helps them understand concepts like money for example when you play shop with them.

I look forward to still enjoying all of these actives with my son once he starts school and I hope that all things we have discovered and learned with him will give him a solid background to help him become a balanced and happy young boy.

About the Author

Hi, I am Susanna, sassy mother of two little cheeky boys. I am married to a gorgeous husband and after many years globe trotting we relocated to Sydney. I started writing stories when I was very young and I have continued writing all my life and not until recently did I feel it was the time to unleash my inner Mayfair Lady, goddess of all good things in life and publish my own blog!