My Birth Tale

I stand to get a towel and woosh out comes liquid, yep my waters have definitely broken!

12.30am I wake up for my normal 3rd trimester wee. When I suddenly realise the pillow between my legs is wet, hang on did I just wee myself or have my waters just broken? I rush to the toilet but I’m still not sure so I’m straight on the phone to my mum, she tells me to put on a sanitary towel so it can catch your waters so you can see the colour of it. I stand to get a towel and woosh out comes liquid, yep my waters have definitely broken! Do I wake my partner or do I just deal with this by myself for the moment? I opted for the latter. I did some colouring in and messaged my mum non stop (she lives in the UK) and after about 2 hours I hadn’t really had any contractions so I decided to download finding Dory and chill in bed watching it.

So I woke my partner at 3am. ‘Babe my waters have broken’ he sits up ‘WHAT!!! OMG!!’ Laughing, I tell him to calm down, I’m not getting contractions yet. So I watch finding Dory and crash out for a couple of hours.

By 9.30am I’m getting mild contractions so my midwife tells me to go to hospital to get checked out as it’s been a while since my waters broke and I could have a risk of infection. So we load into the car (my partner and friend) and head to the hospital. All minor contractions have stopped now and I get checked down below and all is good. We get shown a video of being induced and asked if they want to book us in for tomorrow morning. We say no as we want to try and have her naturally.

So off back home we head, I’m hungry and I’m craving a maccas milkshake so we grab a meal on the way home. I sit outside to eat my McDonald’s (after downing the milkshake) and BAM a really painful contraction hits and I’m suddenly not hungry anymore. The next one hits about 15 mins later and we are like ok something might be happening here let’s put the Sausage Factory on (strangest film ever) but I’m getting more and more painful contractions so I jump up in the shower! Ouch this is really starting to hurt. I call my midwife she tells me once they come every 5-7 mins than I ring her again. They are coming every 10 minutes now. I go back downstairs and tell my partner and my friend I think we need to go back to the hospital, they both look and me and go nah your alright, to which I throw my milkshake back up in the kitchen sink. Back up in the shower I go, my midwife has said see if you can last half hour longer so she can get everything ready at the hospital ( I wanted a water bath) I’m in the shower partner holding my hands, friend massaging my back because damn these
contractions really hurt! Next thing I need the toilet so I go sit on it and the urge to push comes on very strongly and I panic! There’s blood and I’m scared!

There’s blood and I’m scared!

We ring my midwife and she says if I need to push the baby is coming and we need to call a ambulance! The ambulance is called and 10 minutes later it’s here. At this point I’m screaming for drugs (I always said I didn’t want a epidural) the poor ambulance man he was so apologetic that he couldn’t give me anything! The journey to the hospital felt like ages when it was only 20 mins. I yelled pretty much the whole way and finally we got to the hospital. The paramedics made me promise not to have her in the lift which of course I ablidged to haha. I get into the birthing sweet my midwife takes one look at me down there and says ok on the bed this baby is coming, No time for gas and air she is already on her way! And 20 minutes later of lots of pushing and yelling (always thought I was going to be quiet ha) and my beautiful healthy baby girl is born 🙂

About the Author

I’m a 28 year old English who has been in Australia for 3 years. 5 months ago I gave birth to my beautiful little girl and am now fully enjoying life as a mummy 🙂

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