Crystals and Essential Oils for Children

As a mother of 3 under 5years,
I have learnt the value of having toolkit of Holistic Resources. I have found crystals and essential oils to have a huge positive impact on the life of myself and that of my children and I would like to share some of the combinations that have worked well for my children. I always only use pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Lemon & Clear Quartz
The first combination that I would like to introduce you today is Lemon and Clear Quartz.
This very effective duo is an essential for every household.
Lemon is a multi purpose use oil that works to gently detox the body while balancing the digestive system. It is an extremely uplifting oil that promotes health and vitality all around. It works on the 3rd chakra settling the stomach and on an emotional level it helps children to adapt to every day life.
It is a wonderful oil to use daily when children are in school or daycare as it keeps energy levels up during busy time periods, it also helps children to settle into unknown environments and allows them to feel positive about life overall.
This oil is beneficial to diffuse at home as it helps children to feel happy and safe. Applied 1 drop diluted in coconut oil on the feet, it helps to ward off any colds or flu and keeps children stay healthy and helps the body detox and restore if applied at night before bed. It can also be applied 1 drop diluted in coconut oil to the child’s wrists for during the day.
Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that helps align the body with the natural flow of life. It helps cleans the body’s energetic system & chakras and realigns children on a vibrational level to their healthiest state. Used with lemon essential oils it helps promote focus and is great for learning & memory.
It can be worn as a pendant or is great for carrying in the pocket. You can also apply one drop of the oil to the crystal stone for added benefits.

☀️❤️☀Grapefruit & Carnelian☀❤️☀
The second combination I find effective for immune boosting is Grapefruit and Carnelian.
This high vibrational combination works at assisting maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals within the body.
Grapefruit is a very cleansing oil that helps children to release unwanted negative emotions in a healthy manner. It invigorates all chakras but works especially well on the 2nd chakra igniting creativity, releasing blockages that create physical ailments and restoring life force energy. Applied to the feet 1 drop diluted twice daily helps children to destress and rebalance which results in greater health overall. It can also be applied diluted to the tummy area.
Carnelian is a very grounding stone that realigns children to healthy choices. It helps children feel more positive about life and energizes them. It helps relieve negativity and replaces it with love. It promotes self acceptance and healthy out look of body, mind and spirit. This stone works well worn on the body and can be worn long term but needs to be cleansed weekly. It helps absorb negativity from environments and protects the child from unwanted influences. It allows the child to adapt when unsettled.

Wild Orange & Blue Agate
The final combination that I wanted to cover today is Wild Orange & Blue Agate.
Wild Orange is a stimulating oil that is high in antioxidants and immune boosting qualities. This oil uplifts and empowers the individual to greater health and balances physically and energetically. It helps create a balanced outlook on life and for children to develop understanding of the flow of life. It harmonizes and connects them to their body and promotes natural functioning of all systems. It can be diffused or applied diluted topically and works well with a drop of lemon to maximize effects.
Blue Agate grounds the spirit into the body and encourages quiet time to allow healing. It harmonizes body, mind spirit and soothes discomfort. It draws attention to the needs of the body and works especially well on the throat chakra and imbalances in this area. It can be applied to the throat when feeling unwell or applied to the back of the neck to help break cycles of imbalance.

If you are concerned about the health of your child, always seek medical advice first from a professional GP or health care provider. 

About the Author

My name is Tamlyn (Mama Yogi Tam) and I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. I am passionate about empowering women to dedicate time themselves using holistic tools so they can “fill their cup” and best self. I believe self care is the key to happier, healthier families as we all learn to take care own needs in a loving and positive way.