Changing my identity to become a mum

I was blessed to secure contract after contract for years on end working in the corporate world – from Crown Casino, to the Victoria Racing Club, to Melbourne Storm. I worked on some amazing projects like the Logie Awards, Brownlow Medal ceremony, a Sarah Jessica Parker film premiere, Harold Mitchell’s 70th birthday extravaganza. I loved every minute. How lucky was I?! But part of me did wonder why I never secured full-time work. What was I doing wrong?! Was it a sign? What path was I meant to be on?!
I always knew I would have my own business but I never expected it to happen so soon. I used to work long hours. So when I became pregnant with Axel I knew I would be time poor. I needed to take the leap into my own business so I could work from home. Did I think I was ready? NO WAY! I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and we are given signs in life. And I had already been given a sign, I just didn’t know it at the time.

In 2012, a lovely man by the name of Luke Dennehy said to me “you would be about ready to go out on your own now, wouldn’t you?”. Well, that was all the confidence I needed to follow my true calling. Luke doesn’t remember saying this to me – proof that one little comment can change someone’s life. Lucky for me, this positive remark has changed my life for the better.

So I did it! I combined my skillset to concentrate on the ever-expanding digital world. While putting the wheels in motion to start my business, every possible negative thought entered my mind; “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “What will people think of me?”, “What if I fail?”

Well, what if I don’t? Over the years, I have learned to focus on the positive aspects of life and push away the negative. In times when a negative thought enters my mind, I envisage Banksy’s “Girl with a Balloon” image.. and let that negative thought go…

While pregnant and while all my friends were out partying, I knuckled down and started writing copy for my website. This was a hard time for me. I had always been a social butterfly so to completely switch off from that life, and watch people out having the best time on social media was HARD! But I had to think about the benefits of the future. It was a challenging time but uber exciting at the same time.

Starting my own business is the best thing I have ever done, apart from my little ray of sunshine, of course. I want to inspire you to take the leap. To follow your dreams and passions in life. Because it’s true, when you do something you love, you never work another day in your life xo

About the Author

Jacintha is a very proud mum to Axel, 3 and soon-to-be wife to Jesse. She is passionate about teaching people to live a fulfilling life and to follow their dreams. She quit alcohol and found a love of boxing, yoga, meditation. She is also managing director of social media/marketing agency House of Mouse.

So much love, light and gratitude to you.