There’s two in there!

“There’s only one in there isn’t there?” joked my husband to our obstetrician on our very first pregnancy appointment.

“Yep, only one.” The doctor replied.

“Hang on…..”

Ha, ha, ha. Surely this is an obstetrician’s practical joke?

The doctor continued to scan with a serious face.  Scanner went up the belly, scanner went down the belly. I lay as still as a statue believing that the less I moved the less babies would appear on the screen.

“I’d say there’s two in there.”

My husband stood behind the obstetrician mouths expletives at me and my mind began to race…..

Two!!! Two!!!! How can I have two babies?  This is ridiculous.  Who has two babies?

Well, apparently I do.

No wonder I was busting out of my normal clothes at 12 weeks. There was a whole lot of busting and bursting going on for the next six months.  The clothes were busting, the bladder was busting and I was bursting into tears on an almost daily basis.

Each trip to the doctor would incite fear.  “They will most likely be premature.”  “They will need to go in special care. “ I had no idea what special care meant but I was in tears for many a hormonal week imagining my tiny babies wrapped tightly in foil inside a plastic box.  Yes, I envisioned babies wrapped in foil blankets to keep them warm.  What? The nurses don’t baste them after taking their temperatures?

Each fortnight I would visit the doctor and be measured and weighed.  YES weighed! I was not a skinny mini to begin with but by the end of that pregnancy I had reached full walrus status.  I didn’t care what size I was though because I had cooked up two seriously healthy babies.  So healthy in fact that my doctor suggested I use a balloon-like contraption to inflate my lady parts so as not to tear during the birth.  It’s true you stop worrying about who sees your bits and pieces after having a baby but I am a woman with standards and I can tell you inserting and inflating a balloon into my nether-lands was not on my to-do list. Case closed!

Finally at 38 weeks….and a couple of days. (But who was counting?) I delivered two beautiful identical twin girls by caesarean section.   They were 7pd 9oz and 8pd 3oz. They were not premmie, they were not wrapped in foil and they were mine. I had carried close to 16 pound of baby in my belly. Whew…..what a woman!!

And then the fun began……life with twins.  But that my friends is a story for another time……..

About the Author

Bron is a blogger, stylist and mum to three young girls. Her blog Flat Bum Mum aims to help mums find and love their style. Bron also hosts a monthly mother’s group called The Laundry Lounge where mums can have a virtual whine and wine.