But first, milk.

You know what people don’t talk openly about enough? How (insert dirty word) hard breast feeding is. I’m actually fairly certain it’s more grueling than child birth. Ok. That’s a flat out exaggeration… Nothing can take that title. But anyway, I’m IN AWE of women who breastfeed, honestly I am. Sure, some mums find it easy, some are total naturals at it but some struggle deeply to make it work and I’ve found the more hurdles you come up against, the more complicated things can get. All of a sudden your intention to merely feed and grow your little person becomes a round the clock mission of worry, teeth clenching, toe curling, cream applying, teary hell. Then comes the world of too little supply, too MUCH supply. Mastitis. frozen cabbage leaves. heat packs. ice blocks. and man, THE PAIN… (my gosh the pain) while feeding and most likely expressing milk during catch up “sleep time”. Because we’re ALL getting enough sleep in those first few weeks. Not! Don’t get me started on the judgey folk, everyone’s got an opinion. About everything. I mean, honestly the list goes on.Having had two beautiful and healthy babies I can sit back now and take in my different experiences feeding. My girl was formula fed early on and is a healthy and vibrant child, absolutely kicking goals at life. My son was originally breastfed. I held onto the breastfeeding dream as long as physically and mentally possible. I didn’t make the decision to switch lightly. I recently weaned him onto formula after an honest and fair go and he will ALSO thrive because at the end of the day, their both fed.. and fed is best overall and that will never, ever change. I have to say, I’m happy with that.

People are entitled to their opinions and usually they are just coming from a good place. To be very honest I’ve felt just as judged bottle feeding as I have breast feeding in public, maybe that’s just in my sleep deprived, sensitive head but the thoughts are still there. Let’s face it, breastfed IS best, nothing will change this but it doesn’t always work for all. Simple. I truly admire mothers who strive to normalise public breastfeeding… but hey, How about normalising public bottle feeding? How about an equal playing field because if their fed, their equally well nourished. I’m proud of my journey and so should all mothers (and mothers to be) out there feeding their babes. Be proud of your decision, own it and remember to do what’s BEST for your little one AND you. If being in a much better state of body and mind means bottle feeding, that’s you doing you’re best. x

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