The Best Tools for an Easy and Budget-Friendly Family Road Trip

There’s nothing better than a family road trip, right? Just the sunny skies, the open road in front of you, and unlimited time with the kids! Unfortunately, road tripping across the country isn’t usually that easy! Spending all that time together can lead to high tempers and stress, especially when no one knows where you’ll be able to find the next hotel or grab a bite to eat!

Fortunately, we live in the days of pretty much unlimited technology, and outdated paper maps are a thing of the past. In order to make planning a family road trip much less anxiety-inducing (not to mention more budget friendly!) we took a look at some of the top travel planning apps on the market, including Roadtrippers, Google My Maps, Rome2Rio, MapQuest, and the Rand McNally TripMaker.

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Check out the graphic below for an in-depth comparison of all the functions and capabilities, as well as ease-of-use, battery life, and more! You can also learn more here:


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