All of us, at some stage, have been the unlucky recipient of a truly bad present. Was it a cleaning product or maybe a tasteless scarf? Whatever it may have been, a present can say a lot about a person and how they perceive you. That’s why I have compiled a list of 3 gifts not to give, and why.

1.SERVICE STATION FLOWERS: Need I say more? Flowers from a service station wreak of “I didn’t care enough to think about a gift”. It is an obvious afterthought. Now don’t get us wrong a beautiful bunch of flowers is lovely to receive. Try googling a local florist on your way or even pick them from your garden. This is going to be much better received.

2. SOCKS & JOCKS: They are our go to items for every Fathers Day right? We get that guys can be hard to buy for, but instead of picking up a pair of no name knickers from the supermarket aisle you should do some research online. There are some up and coming underwear brands that have some really funky designs.

3. KITCHEN APPLIANCES: No matter how useful you think this item may be, never purchase this as a gift for a woman. Yes, she may be grateful and yes she may use it. But if she was given the choice of a kitchen appliance or a day at the spa, she will always choose the spa day, EVERYTIME!

So let’s use that as a rule. Everytime you think of buying her an appliance, purchase a pamper treatment instead.


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Changes to Breastfeeding

Hello, attached is a blog one of our clients wrote for us, can you use this?

Lately, I have found myself having conversations about what it is like to breastfeed today, compared to what it was like seven years ago when I had my first son Lucas. I feel within myself there is a slight change in mother’s mind set.
Most of the women I know are far more open to trying and succeeding with their breastfeeding journey. And even though seven years is not a really long period of time, there is something happening. That can be attributed to social media, businesses, education and a higher amount of support for women to breastfeed their newborn/baby/toddler.
So, I have put together a couple of points to why
There are more services available for women
How lucky am I to live in a time where there are so many businesses that dedicate their resources and time to helping women like me lactate! When I first started breastfeeding my first son Lucas way back in 2012, the only things I had access to was nipple cream, disposable breast pads, (which were not only expensive but they were highly uncomfortable, lumpy and smelly), and a tiny little breast pump which I would dread if by chance I needed to use it. The education and support were lacking, and I was always highly encouraged to simply switch to formula.
But now, there are businesses like Leigh’s and Kylie’s (Milk and Nourish) who support women’s breastfeeding capability with lactation boosters and biscuits that not only provide sweet relief for me, but it also means I am not putting my own mental health at risk. For whatever reason my supply drops immensely when I am about due for my period, so it can be an incredible stressful week. My baby will then require more feeding time, so I get a bit touched out by the end of it. When my periods first came back, I found breastfeeding incredibly stressful, especially when you have a newborn whose only sustenance comes from you.
I also now have access to a hospital grade breast pump which creates a much easier letdown, breastmilk catchment for letdowns (Haaka; silicone breast pump best thing ever), reusable breast pads that are not only comfortable but also a safer choice for the environment. And finally access to much nice, feminine, modern range of breastfeeding friendly clothing. You have no idea how amazing this can make a breastfeeding woman feel, especially when the usual range from Kmart or Target consists of the choice of black or stripes. Breastfeeding today is now so much cooler!
There are many more supports and resources for women
You may have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of ‘The Australian Breastfeeding Project’. It is a huge Facebook Group with almost 30 000 members who ‘create a sisterhood of togetherness’. They support, encourage and promote breastfeeding women while travelling Australia to taking powerful images to erase the negative stigmas that surround breastfeeding. It is an incredibly powerful group, and at times have been my saving grace when I have become overwhelmed, or simply a safe space I can share a story or a photo of my Babe.
Another informative not for profit organization is the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). The ABA has helped me quite a few times through their helpline (1800 686 268), especially when going through bouts of mastitis while feeding my middle child Flynn. Their entire mission is for Breastfeeding to be recognized as important by all Australians and is culturally normal. They also have multiple support groups on Facebook for women to learn about some of the challenges you can face or simply find a social circle to meet other Mum’s.
Photography has become extremely popular
The thought of a camera being directed at me back in 2012 would have dropped me. I was a very insecure breast feeder, and can maybe count on the one hand how many times I fed in public or in front of other people. So breastfeeding photography was something that was rarely done. A friend of mine who had a baby a similar age of Lucas had a couple of images taken for the hell of it during a shoot. It was such a bold thing to share. But now, thanks to the Australian Breastfeeding Project, women are proudly having photographs taken to capture a very special time of their motherhood.
With a business in Photography, I have had a countless number of women wanting these moments caught for them to keep and cherish. Another thing I hear a lot is ‘I wish I had this (breastfeeding photoshoot) done when I was breastfeeding.’ So, if anything, we are on the positive path to welcoming breastfeeding as a norm.
Overall, I think we are definitely on some kind of path for breastfeeding mothers being open to being supported and educated and this is with thanks to the services available. I am now 11 months into my own breastfeeding journey, and I have this overall feeling of content with what I know. And knowledge is power, so let’s keep sharing.
Aka Lion Fox & Co


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