Party Etiquette


What is the right Party Etiquette?

As soon as kids are old enough to make their own friends through daycare or school, there is one thing you can always count on and that’s party invitations. I really noticed this in Kindergarten… they just kept rolling in like the leaves on a windy Autumn day. At first I thought that kids parties would be fun, a chance to socialise with other parents and for my kids to make life long friends. What they turned out to be was a money issue. Why? Because of the endless amount of gifts we had to purchase. This got me thinking, what is the right party etiquette when it comes to gifts?

How much should you spend on a gift?

There is no right or wrong amount to spend on a gift. Spend what is in your budget and if you don’t have a budget, think of what you would be comfortable receiving. Yes, we all want to get the best gift for the child, but sometimes that is not affordable. What is important is that the gift given is done with love and kindness for the birthday child in mind.

Should the gift be educational?

Only if the child is going to appreciate it. It’s pointless to buy a child an educational toy if they are never going to use it. If there is a theme to a party (dinosaurs, superheroes etc), I try to base my gift around that. This is a good indication of what the child would like.

Should my child help pick our the gift?

Why not, after all they are going to know what the child likes and dislikes more than you. This is also a great opportunity to teach them about giving and the value of a dollar.

If your child can’t attend the party, should you still buy a gift?

Unlike weddings where you feel obligated to send a gift whether you are there or not, you don’t need to with kids birthdays. You may wish to do so if your child is close friends with the birthday child, but its definitely not required.

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