Safe and Simple Bath Time

Bath times can be one of the most enjoyable times with a newborn or toddler. However, it is a place where safety must be of utmost importance. The Cuddlebee Smart Towel has been designed with safety, ease, warmth and cuddles in mind!

Here are our tips for a stress free bath time

1. Make sure to have everything you need close at hand. Prepare the bath area with the essentials before you undress your baby.

2. Only fill the bath tub with 2-4 inches of water, or no more than waist high when sitting. Do not put the baby in the water while the water is still running.

3. Check the water temperature with a bath thermometer. It should be comfortably warm. Keep checking the temperature during the bath to ensure the water is not getting too cold.

4. Once bath time is finished, quickly wrap the baby in the Cuddlebee Smart Towel so they do not lose too much body heat.

5. Most importantly, never leave your baby or toddler unattended in the bath.

The Cuddlebee Smart Towel ensures that you have both your hands free to hold your baby. It takes the hassle out of fumbling around for a towel while you are trying to safely hold your baby. It eliminates having to carry a dripping wet baby to a laid out towel in another room, and the need to have 2 people around for bath time (one to bath the baby, and the other ready and waiting with a towel in hand). Its extra large size also ensures that you stay dry from the inevitable splashes that comes with bath time fun! Be sure to add the Cuddlebee Smart Towel into your ‘must have’ items list, for it seems like a luxury item, but once you have put it to the test it soon becomes a necessity!


About the Author:

Kumaransi Perera is the co-founder of Cuddlebee along with her husband Roshan. They have 2 gorgeous little boys keeping them on their toes! Both work in their graduated professions as an MRI Radiographer and Network Engineer respectively and juggle Cuddlebee in their ‘spare time’.
They created the Cuddlebee Smart Towel to make bath times safer and simpler for all parents. “Its such a struggle to hold a slippery, wet baby and fumble around for a towel”, and with this concept they decided to introduce their product to the wider Australian market. “It is so exciting to see how much we have grown in the last year, all the feedback we have received is so positive, and it is so lovely when people make the effort to visit us at baby fairs and expos to let us know how much they love the product!”