Gifting Dilemas

Gifting is my language however I think that actually makes it harder for me to gift loved ones. The pressure to get it right, when it is my profession. With the festive season fast approaching it is hard not to come across a gifting dilemma or feel unprepared.

The Hostess Gift – also known as the thank you for letting me make a mess at your house instead of my own.

How do you give a gift (along with the other Christmas gifts you have to buy) that says “thank you” and “You did an amazing job” but without the hefty price tag? Think a gift box that is just for the hostess. Grab a gift box and add a candle, maybe some beautiful body wash/hand cream, throw in a bottle of bubbles and some chocolate and you are done. The hostess has everything that she needs to end an exhausting day. You also have the freedom to buy lavish or more affordable brands – it fits with any budget!

Boys – also known as impossible to buy for

Even as a gift expert, I really have to focus when it comes to boys gifts. I feel they either end up with useless gifts or a pile of socks and undies. I’ve discovered there are 3 pillars to every man-gift. They are food, alcohol and man scents. From here you can brand out to cooking classes or fine dining restaurants. His favourite drop or an at home kit. A cologne or a gift set that will cover him from head to toe. You could even be super creative a create a gift box featuring them all!

Forgetful gifts – it happens to everyone
We have all been to a family gathering when its time to give gifts and someone passes your a present and you don’t have anything to give back to them. There are a couple of ways to overcome this:-

Have a selection of pre wrapped gifts. Keep them unisex or have a pink bow for girls and a blue bow for boys to tell the difference. Whenever in this situation you simply grab from your rewrapped “opps the tag fell off” bag.
Admit you didn’t have anything to give them and keep a mental note of any gifts you received without having one to give back. After the holiday season head to the shops and grab something small to respond to their graciousness. Come the new year post that gift (or organise to see them) and include a note that wishes them a wonderful new year – this gift will be more memorable that anything they would have received on the day.

If you have any gifting dilemmas that you need help with, I’d love to help.

About the Author

I’m Laura – a gift hunter, a shopping ninja, a gangster wrapper and the person who is going to make your life so much easier and stress free when it comes to gifting!

I help people on their gifting journeys. What does that mean? If you need to nail that Christmas shopping or teacher gift without venturing into the shops, that’s where I come in. Maybe you’re a small business that wants to thank those key clients with unique gifts, I can also help with that. Or do you have a hopeless partner that just hates shopping? I have been known to save marriages, one gift at a time…

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