Juggling Mojo

Single parenthood – a crazy roller coaster of every emotion possible. Above all it is the ultimate definition of juggling. You juggle your kids (the most important people in your life), the house hold jobs (which are a never ending story), work life (what we have to do in order to have the things we want… and of course need), and the social life (because life does not stop when you become a parent).
Somehow in amongst all this chaos, I felt that this was still not enough of a challenge. So I added LAW SCHOOL to my daily juggles.
2015 was one of the most challenging years of motherhood. Until then Mr 5 and I had our juggling masterpiece down pat. The preschool drop off, work, the preschool pick up, home, dinner, bath, bed and then Mummy time. It wasn’t until I took a leap in a new direction and decided to chase my dreams –that I soon realised I lost my Juggling Mojo!
Work – going from full time work to full time study was one of the worst transitions (for me anyway). Work life can be demanding, but in comparison to the work load from uni – I would take work any day! 2015 I found myself trying to juggle part time work, a child and law school and it was a deadly cocktail! My time was not portioned properly and I felt like I had failed spending time with Mr 5 – and that all my time was spent either working or doing uni work.
Law School – is like trying to jump onto a running horse, and you feel as though you are drowning. No one warns you of the sleep deprivation, of the adjustment, of the expectations, the reading, or of the time management. My Juggling Mojo had gone out the window and it was a whole other ball game that I had to get use to… ASAP! Of course there are others in the same boat with their first year of Law School (although a lot younger than 25…… and minus having a child). It was not until the end of my first year, that I was able to take a step back and actually see how far I had come. Yes the first year had been difficult, actually difficult is an understatement. It had been horrible….but somewhere along the way I made it and the most important learning curve was needing to win back my Juggling Mojo!
We often find ourselves getting too confident with our own comfort zones that we dare to try something new. Although it is the excitement of the unknown that makes us hungry for more – the ability to juggle as a mother let alone as a parent becomes the most important piece of the family puzzle. I found this the hard way, and that without my Juggling Mojo my little family unit of 2 did not cope like it had in the past. The routines of the past prove to be such vital pieces of our future.
So here I stand – my third week into 2016, realising that this little Mummy’s juggling masterpiece worked, and when you find what works for your family – you gotta stick with it. The struggle is real, but it is there to teach you a valuable lesson. I know that when I graduate little Mr 5…. Who will then be not so little Mr 8 (O.M.G) will be thanking me for all the juggling and struggling I did to get to where we will be.

So farewell 2015 and all the un-juggled juggles. 2016 is my year to shine bright, and win back my Juggling Mojo!