Sleep Your Way to Looking and Feeling Younger


Getting a good night’s rest has quite a few physical and mental health benefits, but did you know it can help you look as well as feel younger? While the market abounds with skincare products promising to restore and maintain youthful-looking skin, the secret you’re craving could be in your bed. Step away from the concoctions and curl up to the rest you need.

How It Works

When you sleep well consistently, you can see the effects on your face because you won’t suffer from dark circles or bags under your eyes. Some other things you won’t miss? Wrinkles, fine lines, and drooping eyelids. It’s been shown that sleep increases blood flow to your organs which includes your skin. Sleep is also when your body rebuilds collagen and repairs skin damage from UV radiation. Sleep helps to make you feel young by encouraging good brain health, and according to the Scientific American, you need deep sleep for this to happen. While you’re sleeping, your body is increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain which helps it to repair itself and works on consolidating your memories.

Build a Sleep Routine

Now that you know how a good night of sleep can keep your skin and brain young, it’s time to take steps to achieve this goal. Building a bedtime routine that suits you and your family will help with that. suggests having a warm bath and having a cup of hot cocoa to start off your routine. Use an alarm to help you know when it’s time to wind down so you can switch off your electronic devices and dim the lights in your room. You should also stay away from alcohol and heavy meals that can interfere with your sleep. Your kids’ bedtime routine can be simple and include things like bathtime, getting dressed for bed as well as reading a bedtime story. It should be noted that sleep disorders like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome can significantly impact your sleep, so talk with a doctor if you think you have any of the symptoms.

Your Ideal Bedroom

Even the best bedtime routine won’t count if your bedroom isn’t sleep-friendly. It’s best for your room to be painted in neutral or light colors and make sure your room isn’t cluttered. You should stop carrying your electronic devices into your bedroom. It’s best if your room is dimly lit so make sure to keep the doors to other rooms with bright lights closed. You will also sleep much better if your bedroom is cool. Your mattress is usually only good for ten years so if your mattress is old or just plain uncomfortable, it might be time for a change. When looking for a good mattress, be sure to shop around for the one that fits your sleeping style.

Technology Can Help

While you certainly shouldn’t use your smartphone close to bedtime, there are some sleep-related apps that can help you get some rest. According to Sleep Help, you can try apps that will track how well you sleep through different sleep stages as well as monitor your heart rate. There are also apps that will provide white noise that can act as a sleep aid. To make sure you get the best from these apps, your phone should be able to handle them. If you have your doubts, then consider making an upgrade to the latest models; newer phones like the iPhone 11 Pro from Apple or Android’s latest offering, the Samsung S10 Plus.


With all the news about looking and feeling young, it’s refreshing to know that sleep could be the secret. Make sure you ban things that can interrupt your sleep and embrace a bedtime routine that works. If you have children, all of you can benefit from putting a good night time schedule.


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