Why it is so important to celebrate your little ones first birthday in isolation!

Why it is so important to celebrate your little ones first birthday in isolation!

OK, so the world as we all knew it has changed. The current situation is terrifying and is impacting us all to varying degrees. The big party celebrations aren’t happening, and although yes, there are certainly bigger issues, it is also ok to feel sad that special occasions such as your little one’s first birthday party aren’t quite what you had imagined. It is still very important (and OK!) to celebrate momentous occasions such as first birthdays, they will just look a little different!

I have five fabulous reasons why it is so important to still celebrate the big first birthday and also some great practical ideas of how to pull a memorable first birthday off in isolation!

1. They only turn one once: yes it’s true, everyone tells you how quickly they grow up…I thought this was a myth and found with my first that the first year moved relatively slow however between the years one and two and my second now being six months old, I really want time to stop! My point is, you don’t want to look back and regret not celebrating this very important milestone.

2. Bring some joy to the household: it may not be the party you had imagined, but we have all had to adapt in this new world and birthday parties are another occasion we must adapt too. Isolation days can definitely blur into one big, looooong day so how exciting is it planning a party? From getting or making the decorations, birthday present shopping online, finding the perfect first birthday outfit to spoiling your little one on their big day. The build-up can be as much fun as the day and especially if you have older kids around, lots of activities can be created out of a first birthday preparation as they can help with making the decorations, wrapping the presents and making the cake! This brings me to point three…

3. Cake: isolation gives the kitchen a great workout and with more time at home, it’s a great opportunity to have a crack at making and decorating a cake AND…if it’s a fail no one else will know! Cake smash cakes don’t need to be perfect!

4. Photos: It is so important to capture these beautiful photos of your little one all dressed up on their big day. Photos are our passport to past memories.

5. Memories: how amazing will their first birthday be to look back on and how unique it will be to tell them that ‘your first birthday was in the midst of a pandemic!’ Now that’s memorable! Currently it’s hard to see the light, however, we will and we will see the silver lining of all the quality family time we got together and it will be a first birthday everyone will be sure to remember.

How to pull of the first birthday party in isolation:

1. Prepare: enjoy the build-up, spend time looking at thoughtful presents, decorations and outfits. Support local businesses where possible so you know their first party is also helping out local people in need.

2. Plan a fun activity they love doing…you won’t have the entertainment of an indoor play area or playground so set up something your little one loves doing. This could be a water station, sensory station, playdoh or block building!

3. Ok so you won’t have all their little friends and family around so it’s so important to involve them on the day. Organise a video chat with the nearest and dearest this would be great to be done during the present opening and happy birthday singing to boost the choir! Apps like Zoom and House Party mean that everyone can attend.

4. Maybe you weren’t planning a cake smash but a stay at home party is a great time to set up a cake smash with more time on your hands and being logistically easier to clean up now is the time! It also makes a perfect zoom moment!

5. Photos! I know I have already mentioned this but oh how important these are, take plenty so you can share their special day with your nearest and dearest and look back on they day fondly.

I hope this offers some help. Laura will update us with how she pulled of a first birthday in isolation when little Jude turns one in July.

Jenny xx

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