Mums in Business special feature in Tigertales

I was lucky enough to be selected by Tigertales, Tiger Air’s infight Magazine to do a feature on for Mums in Business.

Mums in business

Words by Tatyana Leonov

Illustrations by Jon Wolfgang miller

We’ve recently celebrated International Women’s Day, and in May Mother’s Day is another deserved ode to women. In this issue we celebrate three amazing women who managed to bring up families while launching businesses.

2016: Welcomed Tanner into the world.
2017: Launched Puggle Baby Australia.
2018: Chase was born. Launched a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for the Adventure Nappy Backpack.
2019: Rebranded as Jumply.
2020: Launched Jumply into Japan.

Tiffany has always loved the outdoors, often actively exploring regions near her base Melbourne with her husband Nathan. When their first daughter Tanner was born in August 2016, Tiffany didn’t see why she and Nathan couldn’t keep up their active lifestyle. But it wasn’t so much the newborn juggle that Tiffany found a challenge … more the lack of quality baby products around for active families. “Tanner was only a few months old when we realised that the baby products that we had purchased were not working for us,” she says.

Tiffany resigned from her full-time job as a health and physical education teacher and started working on a concept she hoped would encourage parents who had been active pre-kids, to keep living as they had before . albeit with a bit more to carry Puggle Baby Australia was launched in February 2017.

A Kickstarter campaign was next on the cards, and baby Chase was born while they were in the midst of the whole thing. “But the result was 100 per cent worth it,” she says.

When you look for baby or nappy bags online, hundreds of options pop up, but Tiffany set about creating a product that would have sections for laptops, swimmers, passports and an RFID-protected pocket – to help travelling families stay safe.

As awareness of the brand grew, Tiffany realised rebranding and expanding were the next steps.

“We changed the name of the company to Jumply in January 2020, as we wanted the new name to resonate with the idea of parents getting out and about with their kids,” she explains. “Then in mid­January 2020 we launched into Japan.”

In a way, Tiffany and her family encapsulate the Jumply brand. Chase is now 16 months old and running around, while four-year-old Tanner is a proud older sister who loves moving just as much as Chase. And Tiffany and Nathan are showing no signs of slowing down, teaching their kids that an active lifestyle is – at least for them – the norm.


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Business: Jumply | We create baby gear for your next adventure



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About the Author


Tiffany is a mother of 2 little adventures. Tanner is 3.5 and Chase is 1.5.  She creates baby gear for your next family adventure.

She founded Jumply soon after the birth of her first child Tanner. She discovered that there was not much out there for adventurous parents like her, who didn’t want the adventures to end just because she had started a family.

Jumply is a community of fun Mums and Dads who build strong connections with their kids through play, adventure and travel.


She’s designed her own Adventure Nappy Backpack and have a range of gear available, including toddler harness backpacks and toddler and kids sunglasses. All designed to make your next family adventure awesome.

Business: Jumply | We create baby gear for your next adventure