Your Guide to Working From Home: Covid-19 Crisis Control

BJ’s PJ’s Blog by Deni Kirkova

Covid-19 means many of us are in an expected flurry of crisis control. How do we ensure our family’s safety, keep our jobs, and remain sane while doing our part in helping flatten the curve of this pandemic?

To help you navigate these uncertain times, we’ve compiled a handy guide to working from home – a reality many of us need to adapt to for the foreseeable future. You’ve got this!

Convert Your Workload There are tough times ahead and while relief packages are available for some, they won’t match a full-time income. So it’s time to figure out how you can work from home to guarantee some extra cash. Let’s get creative!

Speak to your manager about how you can fulfil your duties remotely or, if you work for yourself, have a focus session on generating virtual income. For many of us in office jobs who work on computers, this can be done on a laptop from home.

Are you a personal trainer. teacher, or consultant? Then Zoom is your new best friend, allowing you to host boot camps, workshops and conferences online.

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Zoom is also great for staying in touch with family and friends. Physical distancing is one thing but socialising is good for our mental health, so, ZOOM or SKYPE your family and friends regularly.

House to Home Office

In order to make the most of your virtual working day and stay focussed, turn your home environment into a professional, clutter-free space. Balance the elements with some feng shui attention to the interiors and make your space work for your five senses. Tidy any mess away, draw the blinds and crack the windows, make yourself your favourite cuppa and create an atmosphere that works for you. When you’ve let some air in, light a candle and put on some motivational music – whether that’s something zen to help you concentrate, an energetic workout playlist, or whatever else helps you smash your day.

Dress the Part

Now, there’s nothing wrong with vegging out in quarantine, but not if we want to get work done. Undies or a dressing gown won’t do for a Skype meeting, nor can you psychologically set yourself up for a day of professionalism feeling slobbish.

But that doesn’t have to mean a shirt, dress pants and heels – just looking presentable will do nicely. After all… you’re at home! Try a BJ’s PJs Adele dress, or Bettina top and Lauren Long Pants combo for a smart-ish home office look. You can finally be comfortable in your work clothes and reap the benefits of home office life.

Set a Schedule

That’s right ladies – act as if you’re going into the office! Set an alarm, shower, brush your teeth and do your hair. Do whatever you’d normally do and stick to a routine, but don’t stress about a full face of makeup. Make some breakfast and be ready to go at your usual start time. Work to hourly targets each day but don’t forget to take breaks, just like you would do in the office. Ensure the kids are organised before you start work for the day, then they can stay occupied according to their own timetable, perhaps timing breaks at the same time for some family fun.

If you have space, assign yourself an office-like room in the house. Whether you’re lucky enough to have an actual study, have a desk or waist-heigh table in your bedroom or living room, make that room a no-go zone for the rest of the household during your working day.

Balance and Self-Care

Working from home is a luxury some of us can enjoy during this coronavirus crisis, but it can take its toll. Self-isolation, in general, can make us feel like we’re going crazy – especially if we make our day all work and no play. It’s important to have balance. And what do we mean by that? In isolation, the best forms of self-care can be grooming, body brushing, meditation, yoga, gentle exercise or a heart-pumping workout. Other ways to show ourselves love and practice balance include taking time out to be creative, play with the kids, cook ourselves nourishing food, and Skyping in mum for a cuppa. Self-love, self-care and kindness are essential, even more so during a crisis – we are all in this together! Please be kind to yourself and each other. With love BJ x Namaste x

About the Author

I am a small self-funded start up living just north of Sydney on the beautiful Central Coast and I am trying to do my bit to make the world a better place. It’s a struggle for time and finances having to work full time to support myself and my business but I am passionate about what I do and hope to make a difference and impact to educate and empower women and #savetheplanet”.
After attending the Health Forum it prompted me focus on Womens Health and has given me a higher drive for educating and empowering women to look after themselves as a priority. The forum was a huge eye opener on the statistics around women who put their health issues behind other priorities in life. Statistics prove the number of cancers, and other fatal health conditions, have higher rates amongst women due to the lack of significance they feel in themselves and not prioritising their heath symptoms over others. Detection and prevention being key to survival rates, which are often brushed aside to look after others first.
This is why I recently did a blog re breast health: ”Breast Health 101”


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