All of us, at some stage, have been the unlucky recipient of a truly bad present. Was it a cleaning product or maybe a tasteless scarf? Whatever it may have been, a present can say a lot about a person and how they perceive you. That’s why I have compiled a list of 3 gifts not to give, and why.

1.SERVICE STATION FLOWERS: Need I say more? Flowers from a service station wreak of “I didn’t care enough to think about a gift”. It is an obvious afterthought. Now don’t get us wrong a beautiful bunch of flowers is lovely to receive. Try googling a local florist on your way or even pick them from your garden. This is going to be much better received.

2. SOCKS & JOCKS: They are our go to items for every Fathers Day right? We get that guys can be hard to buy for, but instead of picking up a pair of no name knickers from the supermarket aisle you should do some research online. There are some up and coming underwear brands that have some really funky designs.

3. KITCHEN APPLIANCES: No matter how useful you think this item may be, never purchase this as a gift for a woman. Yes, she may be grateful and yes she may use it. But if she was given the choice of a kitchen appliance or a day at the spa, she will always choose the spa day, EVERYTIME!

So let’s use that as a rule. Everytime you think of buying her an appliance, purchase a pamper treatment instead.


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