Self-Love, Alignment and Motherhood

I am on a journey of self-love and every day presents me with an opportunity to assess how stable I am on my path.

For the most part, I consider myself to be quite a grounded person.  I live and love wholeheartedly and my sense of connection to my tribe continues to be a blessing to me.

As a woman I feel intuitively guided, connected to spirit and capable of just about anything.  I’ve done the work, attended therapy, gained my degree, built my tribe and become really curious about who I am and the value that I might offer to the world.

As a mother I sometimes lose my stability.  I have four of the most beautiful examples of humans I know.  They are my children and they are my greatest teachers.

At times, when I am tuned in and connected to my spirit, my flow as their mother is amazing.  But then there is another aspect of me that rears its less-than-desirable head when I am faced with their torment.

I have often been asked ‘How can I maintain my connection to self and remain grounded in my knowledge of my inner guidance when I am responding to my children in their despair or crisis?’ As mothers it is easy for us to be triggered into our beliefs around our own inadequacy and fear.  We begin to respond to our children from an ungrounded, unstable self as we allow fear to influence our capacity to remain connected to our truth.

So what is our truth and how can we practice a more stable sense of self, regardless of what is being mirrored back to us?

Here’s what I have learned:


Breathe and be still for 10 minutes every morning (preferably before the little ones get your attention).  And if that’s not possible, any time throughout the day will be fine

Self love

You know those little people that you speak so lovingly to?  Speak that way to yourself.  You are doing OK, forever growing, always guided and learning along the way

Move your body

However this feels right for you.  Download a yoga app, take a walk or move in a way that feels nurturing to you


An attitude of gratitude literally changes the firing of the neurons in your brain.  If you want to rewire your brain in order to live with gratitude and not with fear, begin journaling three things that you are grateful for every day.  Try this for 21 days and see the difference it makes.

One final thing ….

When we are born into this human existence we are naturally intuitively guided.  Then life presents us with enough contrast to make us question our capacity as inspired Goddesses.  Notice what your children are presenting to you, reflect on these lessons and consider them as opportunities for personal growth.

Love, Naomi.

About the Author

Naomi is the founder and creator of Souljourn. A psychotherapist, speaker, intuitive coach and mother of four on her own journey of self-love, Naomi is guided to support women to embrace self-love and create their most shining, powerful and soulful life …. one small, safe step at a time.