Tips for giving gifts with impact

Giving gifts that have a lasting impact is what makes me love my job. In this article I want to share my tips for wowing your friends and loved ones this Holiday season.

Personalised Elements
Have the perfect gift in mind but need to add that WOW factor? Add a personalised element. This is not limited to a keyring with their initials monogrammed on it (although, who wouldn’t love that!) but think outside the box. Is your best friend a Sex & the City fan? Maybe gift a cocktail book with an inscription of a Sex & the City quote or simply a “let’s have a cocktail night” written inside. Does your dad love cars? You could grab him a car magazine subscription or a keyring to include with his gift.

Handmade Gifts
These are by far the most talked about gifts I have given. Not only are handmade gifts a great way to keep your gift budget in check but the time and effort put into it far outweighs are lavish item.

For food, think chutney and jams and for homewares consider candles and soaps.

If you are a little bit cheeky you could consider visiting a handmade site like or to help support small businesses and keep with a unique, handmade feel.

Keep it simple and on point. A card with a beautiful note inside showing your appreciation for their friendship or help throughout the year is going to be more thoughtful and memorable than any purchased gift.

Its so hard during the festive season to not get caught up in the consumerism of it all.


The best gifts I have received are the ones that have been unexpected. Don’t feel you need to wait until Christmas to give a gift. Surprise your friends with their holiday gift in November. Not only will this be unexpected, but it will also make the holiday cheer linger around for longer!

Do you have any tips for giving gifts that WOW? I’d love to hear them.

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