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Food & Health, Speciality
About This Brand

Create a chemical-free, non-toxic lifestyle for your family using natural remedies & products powered by 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils.

House hold products such as sanitizers & linen sprays safe for little people, but effective enough to keep those nasties away!

The natural remedy range allows you to use a gentle, natural approach to everyday issues covering things such as immune support, head tension and digestive issues for adults, to teething, ear aches and sleep remedies for our little ones.

This range also includes blends for calming, mood lifting and energising, all highly beneficial & effective in supporting a healthy emotional state for all Mammas & partners alike.

We understand the importance of knowing exactly what is in the products we are consuming around our families. That is why we only use the highest of quality ingredients and essential oils tested using the strict Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality control protocol diluted to be safely used on even infants.

A bit about the founder Bianca- A chemist & mother who has embraced the chemistry that occurs naturally when using the basic tools given to us by mother nature. I like to use only the best in my home and will not settle for anything less in anyone else’s. This range I have created has helped me transform my life and improve my well being, as well as all those who mean the world to me, especially my little one.