Baobab House Atelier

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About This Brand

Baobab House Atelier is a small business founded by me, Sandra Del Mar, artisan and self-taught bookbinder who loves to create unique and inspiring stationery and gifts for paper lovers and creative souls out there!

Each piece that I make aims to be a long-life paper treasure for the person who owns it. Whether is a treat for yourself, your little one or an original gift to someone special, I’m sure it will be a very unique and loved piece on the bookshelf.

I make notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, bullet journals, recipe books, bookmarks, tiny book key rings, pocket notebooks, notepads, among others.

I also make other creative books like vintage diaries and journals with an amazing coffee smell for coffee lovers who also love to write, full moon sketchbooks to draw or keep photos and memorabilia on a special place out-of-this-world, and last but not least, notebooks specially made for the lefties of the world who always struggle to find comfortable notebooks to take their notes.

Customised orders are an exciting and fulfilling part of my job. I really love to know the stories behind the gifts that I make and the smiles on the faces of the people who recieve them. That fills my heart with pure joy!
If you want to see examples of the personalised gifts that I’ve made, please head to my website under Customised Orders tab, I’m sure you’ll be so inspired for future gifts you are planning to give!

All my products are handmade and unique designs, so be sure you’ll truly have one of a kind piece.

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