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About This Brand

Bebe Gums specialises in hand-made teething accessories ranging from teething rings, dummy clips and pram garlands. They also sell adorable whimsical children’s wooden plates, cutlery and ceramic mugs.

Sarah is a stay home mum of 1 who is the founder of this small business with the support of her husband. With the motivation of her 1 year old boy she has curated this small business to help other babies through the tough and painful time of the teething phase.

Bebe Gums was thought of when Sarah was with a friend who was looking for an unusual, unique, meaningful and most of all useful gift for her newborn niece. Sarah had then come up with the idea of silicone based and wood teethers which she believes are unique, trendy and very useful.

With the combination of her love for whimsical wooden plates, she had combined her favourites into one online store.