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About This Brand

Bellelis is handmade, family run business based in Canberra.

Tiny babies grow so fast!

Do you find it frustrating to buy new bodysuits every five minutes? Taking out the ones you have put on a side for later, just to realize they are already too small, without ever using them?

Is your baby too long, so no matter what size of bodysuit you use, it is always too short?

You might be using modern cloth nappies and that extra bulk is hard to cover with well fitted bodysuit.

Or you just want to buy less baby clothes and use the ones you already have more. Be a little bit more gentle to our planet.

Yes, yes and yes?

You will love our little cheat.

The ‘Snap & Extend’ – handmade bodysuit extender that add a few centimeters in length and a few extra months of wearing time.

A simple addition to your baby’s wardrobe.

◎ Add more months of wear to your baby’s bodysuits
◎ Enjoy your favourite outfits for longer
◎ Perfect for use with modern cloth nappies
◎ Great for long babies who grow out of the length of their bodysuits
◎ Increase the size of bodysuits without going up a size
◎ Save money on baby clothes
◎ Fits all sizes of bodysuit from 0000 till 2
◎ Great baby shower gift

Compatible with most Australian baby clothing companies. (Bonds, Target, Big W, Kmart, Best & Less, H&M, Seed, Babies R Us, Cotton On, Trade Secret, Next, Country Road and more)