Biologique Australia

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About This Brand

Get to know the girl behind the glow! ✨

My name is Karen, and I am the owner & founder of Biologique Australia. Growing up in a French household, I was always exposed to beautiful, luxe products. As a young girl I found myself falling in love with all things beauty, taking a keen interest in makeup, and especially skin care.

I used to always do make overs for my mum and sister, often using chalk and applying it to my sisters face! 😆

When I finished school I decided to pursue this passion and finished my diploma in makeup artistry and beauty therapy and took this into the professional space in 2004. I have worked in many salons over my time, however I opened my own in 2017, and I have never looked back!

I have so much love and passion for what I do, and I love making women feel and look their best. I love to get on a personal level with my clients to ensure they all feel my love and care on every single appointment!

We all know that a lot of skincare is actually harmful to our bodies, and our environment. I wanted to give my clients the best results and treatments without any long term harmful effects with all the chemical and synthetic products. I decided to really educate myself in the skin care realm and researched all the ingredients our amazing earth has to offer to formulate a skin care line that is all natural, but still delivers amazing results instantly and keep on performing long term.

Wellness and longevity is what we want to achieve as humans, this is what I wanted to give to you through my products! There is so much involved when creating lush skincare that you can wholeheartedly be proud of. I went on to complete my study in skin care formulations specialising in organic skincare and have been working tirelessly for 3 years to put all my experience, knowledge and love into a gorgeous skincare line that uses all natural superfoods that come from our earth.

We cherish our insides with good, nurturing food, why shouldn’t our skin get the same treatment? We nurture our bodies from the inside out and connect our mind, body, soul and spirit as one in order to live our best possible lives.

I am so excited to be here, and I cannot wait to share!