BJ's PJ's

Beauty, Speciality, Women's Fashion
About This Brand

Revolutionising loungewear and pyjamas for them modern mama.

Finally, women can enjoy pure premium cotton loungewear and pyjamas that are comfortable, offer flattering feminine styles with wire-free breast support.

We only use premium quality, 4-way stretch, velvety soft, brushed pure clean cotton AND highest quality trims, we are proudly made in Australia with sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing.

BJ’s PJ’s offer a versatile and practical range of designs that use only high-performance quality fabrics that are able to breathe with the heat of the summer (and hot flushes!) and flex with the women’s body whether she is enjoying yoga or playing with the children. The unique and feminine styles are delivering what women have been searching for for years – discretion, comfort, confidence with designs that are practical for every day or night, and support for every woman.


wire-free breast support
seam-free gussets
slimline hidden pockets
smooth, sleek waistbands
adjustable straps that don’t fall off your shoulders
classical feminine designs that can go from day to night
all-natural, 4-way stretch breathable organic cotton
no nasty chemicals or dyes to irritate sensitive skins
No bulk and all flat-stitched seams
Void of tags, buttons, zips, collars or cuffs! YAY!!!


before, during and after pregnancy – perfect for breastfeeding
family, friends and girls weekends away!
great poolside or cosy weekends away with that special someone
perfect for hospital stays
hormonal changes & tender breasts (teens are loving them too)
lounging with roommates, family and friends
travelling – super comfy yet still discreet for those long haul flights
perfect for yoga, pilates, gym or any light exercise

I’m Belinda Jane, and my friends call me BJ – feel free to contact me anytime 🙂