Busy Bags AU

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About This Brand

Busy Bags AU started when us two mums were sitting in a cafe having brunch with our toddlers only to be frustrated by them being fidgety and demanding. We resorted to giving them our phones to watch something just so that we could talk and enjoy our breakfast in peace. We are both working mums and don’t really have the time to create little activity packs for our little ones so we thought it would be a cool idea to develop a product that busy parents could carry on the go or when traveling, with many little activities in them to keep your toddlers occupied.

These activity based bags are for kids from the age of 1-5 targeted at enhancing preschool skills. The key difference for Busy Bags AU is that we have designed each age appropriate busy bag with educational yet fun activities based on our 3 pillars, PLAY, CREATE and LEARN. It stimulates the kids and helps them with various aspects of learning.