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About Us

If you care about your environment as much as you care about your health and beauty, Coast Sydney Botanicals is the Perfect Choice for your Skincare and Scent needs.

We are a boutique Artisan Perfumer and Botanical Skincare Creator. All our formulations give you a unique sensorial experience, while staying true to our commitment to Sustainable Living, and Living Life in the fullest!

Like all sensitive people, we have a strong affinity with all the positive vibes of our environment. Our closeness to the beautiful coasts and beaches of Sydney have given us a unique appreciation of both the organic beauty of nature, and the reality of its potentially harsh effect on our skin. This has motivated us to create products that will nurture your skin with wonderfully plant-scented Skincare and Scents.

Our philosophy has always been to create nurturing Skincare products that celebrate all the best of what nature offers us. We use organic Herbal Plant Extracts, Essential Oils, Precious Absolutes that are Cruelty-Free, Toxin-Free, and Completely Vegan. We handcraft each formula with love and attention to detail in our Sydney studio, within the Aura of the Sea.