Earth Dough

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About This Brand

‘Earth Dough’ is an all natural, non-toxic sensory playdough that has been coloured using plants and the earth. It contains no synthetic preservatives or dyes, and the packaging is environmentally friendly. The cello bags each dough colour is packaged in is made from wood pulp and will compost in your home compost!

Lovingly packaged in recyclable cardboard containers and tied with string, each 5 pack contains: 100g of each colour dough, including cream, yellow, pink, green and ochre (500g total).

Cream: Lusciously scented with Vanilla Essential Oil and speckled with real Vanilla bean seeds

Yellow: A vibrant dough, scented with Lemon Myrtle Essential oil, and coloured using Tumeric and Saffron

Pink: Relaxing and calming, scented with Lavender Essential Oil, and coloured using Red Cabbage

Green: Fresh, soothing and uplifting, scented with Peppermint Essential Oil, and coloured using Spinach

Ochre: Cleansing and reminiscent of crushed gum leaves, scented with Eucalyptus oil and coloured using ochre from the Earth

Instructions about how to care for your Earth Dough are included, as well as some ‘nature tools’ to use with your dough (subject to availability). Mindfully, respectfully and hand collected by me in Port Macquarie NSW.

‘Earth’ Love is my newest product and is designed to be used with Earth Dough. It contains organic food-grade rose petals, lavender and hand stamped leaf hearts. It can also be used as an eco-friendly confetti alternative!