Gym Secrets Clothing

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About This Brand

Gym Secrets Clothing is an Athletic Clothing brand in Melbourne, Australia.

Gym Secrets Clothing Collections are affordable, unique in design & supportive thus making them appropriate for all forms of exercise. Our brand focuses on the ability to empower women.

‘It’s all in the Clothing’ is our slogan here at Gym Secrets. As our clothing has been designed to encourage, motivate & get each and every female moving their body! May that be a short walk, a light weighted session or maybe even a high intensity workout? Whatever it is, our Gym Secrets Clothing has been built to allow each & every person who wears it to feel comfortable, proud & capable to face that gym class, do that high intensity workout or even go for that walk/run. ‘It’s all in the Clothing’ came from Sara’s eye & belief in what should be your main focus when working out! Rather than the people who may or may not be staring at you, whilst you’re getting hot & sweaty!

Sara is a Registered Nurse in Melbourne Australia & has always had the desire to design her own clothing brand. Her passion for health, fitness & clothing has led her to where she is now.

Gym Secrets- It’s all in the Clothing