Hashtag Pty Ltd

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About This Brand

Alpha Female active-wear is all about giving you the confidence to get started or continue with that goal you have in your head. We aren’t all made the same, we don’t think the same and we have different ways of being challenged and motivated so we have designed our active-wear differently. Our pants are made from durable, light-weight fabric that has a four-way stretch allowing it to be comfortable in any fitness activity. The fabric draws the sweat away from the body and the material doesn’t pill or go see-through.

Perfect for taller women as the pants are long in the leg. Perfect for competitors that have fluctuating body sizes as they prepare for their next competition, as the material shrinks and expands to your body. Perfect for new mums as the pants compress, sit high and don’t rub on any c-section scars. Perfect for pregnant women as the pants stretch and can be rolled down. Perfect for any woman that just wants to feel comfortable, work hard and reach their goals. Everything you need to start your goals is here!