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About This Brand

Hi my name is Dee Harvey and I am the owner of Inspired Health by Dee Tea. All our Tea range is all organic and naturopath blended and specifically designed with busy, tired and stressed women in mind.
As a naturopath, in my clinic, I see the same thing over and over. Women who are tired, stressed, overwhelmed and constantly trying to fill their days with more for their families, their career, their relationships and ultimately feeling burnt out.
The reason I started Inspired Health by Dee and the Tea range, is because I believe that there is something really special in the process of brewing and making a cup of tea.
It captures that much needed 5-10 minutes and gives it back to those busy women.
As a trained herbalist I love nature. I love the colours and smells of dried or fresh flowers, leaves and barks. For my 30th birthday my sister bought me a gorgeous Teapot. Even years later I still love drinking Tea from this teapot because of the ritual and the experience of taking time out of my busy day to select the herbs, boil the kettle, get my teapot ready, pour the hot water over the coloured herbs and then sit and wait while it steeps, enjoying the aromas and then sipping it from the little cups.
For me it’s, relaxing, calming and grounding and adds a little bit of peace to my busy days.
As a Naturopath, I wanted to share my knowledge of herbs and love of teas and the special experience of brewing a cup of tea with everyone and hence the Inspired Health by Dee range was born.
All the range is organic and sourced from Australian growers and small farms where possible.