Laced with kindness

Accessories, Gifts & Novelties, Women's Fashion
About This Brand

Sometimes a small gift can bring a smile to someone’s face through a simple act of kindness.

Stunning Jewellery designed exclusively for strong, kind, courageous women who want to wear simple yet stunning pieces.

These are also the perfect gift for someone as humble keepsakes to those we cherish most.
Sometimes we don’t feel that words are enough so a simple, thoughtful gift can show we care.

All jewellery is handmade with precious stones and crystal beads. Each piece of jewellery has a Patron Saint charm and each bracelet is accompanied by a Guardian Angel; as no matter how strong you are feeling, we should always have someone watching over us.

Whether you purchase for yourself or someone special, all jewellery is gift wrapped in a beautiful hessian bag bound with lace. Each item includes the description of the Patron Saint and the precious gemstone chosen.

Inspiring and meaningful jewellery for love, courage, friendship, grief, fertility, motherhood, working mums, cancer, anxiety and more.