Little Darlings Toys

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About This Brand

Lose yourself in the magical world of toys and say hello to Little Darlings Toys! This fun and eco-friendly brand of quality handmade toys.

What makes David’s wooden toys just a little more special is his eco-friendly approach. He chooses to use reclaimed timbers, pallets and old wood, and makes his own non-toxic beeswax finish so all his wooden toys are safe for kids, even for younger ones who like tasting their toys! David also pays attention to the ergonomic designs of his toys – rounded sides ensure no sharp edges and easier grip for little hands.

Jenny makes a collection of adorable fairy-tale inspired softies like Snow White and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She prefers to use high quality quilter’s cotton, calico and 100% wool felt.

You can be sure these toys will bring joy for generations to come!