Mavella Superfoods

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About This Brand

Mavella Superfoods was created by two Aussie Mums, we wanted to not only encourage better and healthier eating habits in our children but to add a little extra nutrition along the way. Mavella Superfoods is a range of functionality powders for kids, it is perfect for fussy eaters. There are four products in the Smoothie range, which taste amazing as they have been tested on kids. The base on the product is freeze dried fruit and Australian veggies with added vitamins and minerals, plus organic pea and rice protein. Only the best ingredients, as it is for kids. The kids don’t even know they are getting their fruit and veggies. The product is versatile, you can use with milk, water or juice but so many mums out there are super creative and use in the most amazing ways, baking and savoury meals.