Sara & Zak

Baby Clothing, Toddler Clothing, Toys
About This Brand

Sara & Zak is an Australian small business dedicated to providing timeless baby and childrens pieces that are not only beautiful but functional and practical as well. We take the time to meticulously source and delicately produce exceptional pieces that are perfect for every boy and every girl and our shop only showcases the pieces that we believe are truly special enough to share with your little ones.

At Sara & Zak, we are also passionate about what’s best for your child and the environment and that’s why we have chosen to opt for organic material for many of our products. When choosing organic you can be assured that the raw organic product is made without the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms, so not only is it healthier for your little bub but also for the environment.

Thank you for taking the time to find out what we’re all about, we hope you find our pieces just as special as we do!