Tan Tootie.

About This Brand

Tan Tootie is a natural self tanning range made in Australia.
We believe that no matter who you are, you can (and should!) benefit from the wonders of self tan.
There’s just something about having a sun kissed glow that makes you feel like a superstar and we want to bring that feeling to every single body out there, no matter the size, shape, age, gender or colour.
We want to cultivate inclusivity in the tanning industry by promoting our products on REAL bodies. This is something we noticed isn’t typical practice, despite the fact that self tanning products are used by a diverse range of customers.
SO, we at Tan Tootie created a self tanning mousse that is unbelievably easy to use, complimentary to your skin tone, affordable, skin loving, made with natural ingredients and free from animal derivatives.
We’re also determined to operate sustainably, ethically and transparently. A full list of ingredients can be found on our website which show we are free from added nasties as well as animal derivatives.
At the end of the day, making a positive difference in our customers lives is what our brand is all about.

Why Tan Tootie?

TT is enriched with skin loving natural ingredients that will care for the skin and make the tanning process as easy and enjoyable as possible. With no added nasties you don’t have to sacrifice your skin for a long lasting, deep and even tan.
Our Tan is scented with Coconut and Mango, so won’t leave you with that fake tan odor. It is enriched with hydrating organic Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and Green tea and contains Coffee and Guarana seed for skin tightening and firming properties.

Tan Tootie is-
– SCA Certified
– Australian Certified Toxic Free
– Australian Certified Made Safe
– PETA approved
– Vegan and Cruelty Free
– Free form Paraben and Gluten
– Australian Made & Owned

Creator & Founder
Mumma/Serial self tanner/Body positivity advocate