John and Luna

Accessories, Gifts & Novelties, Women's Fashion
About This Brand

John and Luna is a Sydney based Jewellery brand which incorporates the notion of the Modern Woman. The woman who can do it all, the woman who can have her cake and eat it too!

Handmade by Sydney jewellery designer, Teresa Bisazza, each piece is made out of recycled metals and high quality stones and pearls. Each design is unique and limited quantities are made, making each piece quite rare.

The beautifully constructed jewels encompass a miss-match vibe with a rough yet delicate design are beautifully put together like the perfect missing pieces to a puzzle.

Each piece of jewellery comes with it’s own 100% Cotton Pouch that you can store your jewels in, perfect for the woman on the go!

​At John and Luna we believe that finding the perfect piece of jewellery should never be confusing, the perfect piece should just simply, speak to you.

Simple. Versatile and Beautiful.