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Asking Mums is a supportive online community for mothers from around Australia where we can share our stories, ask other mothers for advice, and find online stores that offer us and our children wonderful and exciting gifts! Our aim is to provide each and every mum with the support network they need to encourage and empower them become the best possible woman they can be. We believe that sharing your experiences and connecting you with real mums will help build this community into one that we can all grow from! You can also join our friendly community of mums on Facebook!

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Coconut Oil Soap

By Miss LA Soaps

Multiblend Paleo Protein Powder

By Primal Core Australia

Australia’s first primal- and paleo-friendly protein powder to combine a nutritionally complete, bioavailable protein with hydrolysed collagen peptides
Contains type I collagen peptides, which are natural building blocks used by the body in the production of bone, skin, tendons and ligaments
Boosted with sacha inchi, a rich natural source of essential fatty acids, including a large proportion of omega-3 fats, and egg-white powder due to egg-whites being a complete protein and containing all the essential amino acids that the body needs
Easy to mix with water or nut milk for a light, frothy and satisfying shake
Available in classic vanilla and delicious strawberry flavours, naturally sweetened with stevia
Free of artificial thickeners, fillers and additives
Low allergen and low FODMAPs
Each serving provides 22.9g of protein

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