Knot Just Cords

Gifts & Novelties, Homeware, Speciality
About This Brand

I help encourage busy mums to take time out for themselves through creativity with my DIY macrame kits.

My kits were created to show the therapeutic benefits of making. How macrame allows the maker to be in the moment, forget their stresses and relax their mind which in turn helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. How through creativity you can work on self-care which in turn will help with mental health. Macrame helped me with my struggle with postnatal depression after I had my boys and I want to show other mum’s how it can also help them.

My kits are eco-friendly, super easy to follow, have everything included from all materials to instructions to an online video tutorial. They take the stress out of learning something new and makes it easy for mums to take some much needed time out for themselves and do something just for them xx