First time mums! Here’s a list of baby essentials!

As a first time mum, I wanted bubs to have absolutely everything! I literally would spend hours in Baby Bunting… I wanted everything; from Muslins to toys and down to what spoons I wanted (which looking back now makes me laugh at myself) I actually remember being in the store with my husband and I was making a big deal about spoons that I could have cried!!! Oh hormones!

I’m sure you’ve all been there or are currently going through this & it’s completely normal to cry over spoons!!! (Insert laugh here) But really though, we want everything! & it has to be perfect… I get it!

I put probably 101 items on my baby shower Registry and as I’d speak to more friends and family with babies, that list grew and grew…

I think I had about 6 pages initially (what is wrong with me!!)… I was so anal about it that I didn’t even choose one store, I used the myregistry website so I could get down to the particular store I preferred- please tell me I’m not the only one? * Craaaazy with a touch of psycho! *

It wasn’t until about 3 weeks prior that I had a sit down and was going through my list that I realised, do I really need 3 changing stations, 2 different types of bassinets and about 700 swaddles? The answer is no for anyone that genuinely feels like you do – just like I did at a stage haha

So I did the cull! And formed a list of the actual essentials; mind you, it’s long but it’s not unreasonable which is what I’d tell my husband when I showed him the final list!

1x Cot (Obvious reasons)
1x Bassinet (same as above)
1x Pram ^^
1x Car seat ^^
1x Travel Cot (this is a must for more than just travelling but I’ll get back to this)
4x Muslins (one for the baby bag, one for baby swaddle and one for you – or not completely pro breastfeeding in public & a spare cause babies puke a lot…
2x heavy blankets
14x singlets with sleeves and without (poo explosions actually happen and are realllly realllly gross so be prepared)
A few little onesies (bonds are amazing)
1x Monitor
Thermometer for the bath (a mmmmusssst) & one to take temperatures
1x Baby bath
4x Towels
Lots of burp cloths or towelettes
Pacifiers (these need to be changed more frequently than you’d ever imagine)
Breast pump for BF mums!
You can go all feeding supplies for later on(spoons, sippy cup etc)
2x sheets (2 for Cot and 2 for bassinet)
2 x mattress protectors ^^
Baby grooming
Sleeping bag (didn’t start using this until bub could roll)
Creams & Bath Time (Curash is our go-to)

Back to the travel Cot… it’s a all in one! So if you don’t have the space or, simply just don’t want the clutter – it works as a baby change station as well as a little place for bubs to play while you’re doing the dishes or having your shower! It also can be where bubs has their nap(not mine because he just doesn’t nap but you might hear this story another time)… My son is 7 months old now and he will roll around in their and it gives me a little break from crouching down on the carpet or his play mat…

We use the change mat as his dress station after his bath, all done on the kitchen bench because we don’t have room in our guest bathroom to store a big change table and bath duo.

As a FTM it’s super exciting to want, want, want but that doesn’t mean you need, need, need! Look into it, consider room and what you can use that will have multiple uses.

That’s what we have done & it works!

I will do a what’s in my Nappy Bag next time!

Veronika xx

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