Key steps to pram cleaning


Key steps to pram cleaning

Firstly, always check online with the pram manufacturer for any care and maintenance instructions, as your pram may need special care or products for cleaning. But usually, most prams can be cleaned in a few simple steps. We recommend to check the weather and make sure it is a hot sunny day.

  1. Step One: Vacuuming

The easiest way is to use hand-held vacuum cleaner or brush loose dirt off.

  1. Step Two: Cleaning

Spray the stains with Baby Accident Cleaner and leave it for 5 minutes. Remove the fabric, if you can, and wash according to the instructions. Always check the label to see how it can be cleaned, as some should not be machine-washed or tumble-dried. Use a sponge to clean off any stuck-on dirt.

  1. Step Three: Wheels and Chases

Wash the wheels last, focusing on removing dirt and debris. Use hot soapy water and a give them a really good scrub with a brush to clean the tyres, as well as wash the metal. Use soft damp microfiber cloth to clean and polish the base.

  1. Step Four: Drying and Disinfecting

Dry the fabrics in the sun. Use Pram Spa disinfectant spray to freshen up and sanitize the fabric.

About the Author

 In 2015, I was expecting my second bundle of joy and I began my search for the perfect pram for my baby to-be. I spent a lot of time researching and deciding what pram to choose for our family. I was overwhelmed by the choices and features, and finally found that perfect pram. It was a pre-loved gorgeous limited-edition pram and being a germaphobe I immediately started looking for a professional pram cleaning service. I found it difficult to find the one that would tick all my boxes being eco-friendly, non-toxic and chemicals-free.This is when I saw a market niche and decided to try and run it as a hobby while on maternity leave. Being a corporate worker for years, it was my dream to be able to have a work life balance and spend more time with my husband and our gorgeous two girls.

In 2016 Pram Spa was born and thanks to my family and friends support and our wonderful customers it is still growing strong. We were first to introduce non-toxic, eco-friendly and chemicals-free cleaning services and pride ourselves for making this world greener and helping busy parents keeping their baby gear sparkling clean and looking brand new again.