Why I Like Being A Working Mum

I’m a working Mum and I enjoy it; there I said it, I ACTUALLY like going to work. I’m fortunate I only need to work two days a week, so the majority of my time is spent at home with my children, being a Home Executive. (Yes, this is a role) A friend told me she was asked if she was a home executive when she was admitting her son to the out of hour’s doctors at the weekend. I thought this was quite funny, what would stay at home Mum’s think of being referred to as home executive?

So four days out of a fortnight I go to work. I do shift work as I’m a registered nurse at the hospital. Most days when I work my husband will do the drop offs and I will pick the kids up, but if I’m working an afternoon/evening shift, he will drop them off and pick them up. Because my afternoon shift doesn’t start until 2:45pm and finishes at 11:15pm, I find if I don’t get a nap in the morning I’m useless at work. The days I do these shifts I’m home alone, I get to have a nap and get ready for work in peace. The only drawback, I don’t see my kids. I will see them at breakfast but then I don’t see them again until 24 hours later at breakfast time again. I do struggle with this, I feel guilty but most people I talk to, say I do the right thing, nursing and looking after two kids under the age of three is FULL ON. So I take a break when I can.

I have been fortunate to be at home with my children during the first year of their lives, and I did enjoy it. But I also found myself going stir crazy, day in and day out was very much the same and I felt my brain was turning to mush. I craved a challenge and to do something other than be a Mum. It is the greatest job in the world, but I also enjoy the world of Nursing. I started my degree at the age of 24 and finished when I was 27, and I worked damn hard for it. I am not career focused as I once was and that’s ok. I love being a nurse, every shift is different and can change very quickly, plus I like hearing my actual name rather than a chorus of “Mum, Mummy, Mum, Mummy”, for a big part of the day.

I find I look forward to work, strange huh? For me it is my time, yes it can be crazy busy on the ward, but its different busy to being at home. Plus, if I have had a tough few days at home with the kids, not sleeping or they are not 100%, work is a welcome relief to the chaos that can be home life. Also, I find if I’m home doing the same thing for days and days on end, I crave a break from the routine. I’m a big believer in routine for my kids, but often for me it can be like Groundhog Day! Sure I like to plan my days in advance, but ever day being the same, not for me.

I know people that can’t work due to childcare options or choose to stay at home, I have friends that stay-at-home and they seem to like it, I think these women are AMAZING! I did struggle with being a working Mum at first, I felt I would be judged for returning to work and by saying I like work, would mean I didn’t like spending time with my children. But once I thought about it, chatted to my husband, friends and my Mum I realised going to work wasn’t such a bad thing. That’s why I put a positive spin on it. My kids love the preschool and in-home care they attend, they are happy and to me that is the important thing. Plus the extra money is always welcome and can be used to put towards trips visiting family and friends in England.

Overall, I’m happy, my kids are happy, win, win situation. It seems to be a positive for all of us. I find I plan my days off better and look forward to spending the time with the kids. Sure, I often miss some social catch ups with Mum friends due to work, but there is always another time that I might be able to make it too.

If you are a Mum reading this and contemplating returning to work, I hope this article helps you in some way. Look at the positives, money, adult time, using your brain, adult interaction, that is what I remind myself of and it does help. Please don’t see as returning to work as a bad thing, but a good thing. Your child/children will be fine. I know I have always missed my kids much more than miss me; they are far too busy having fun. Plus the bonus, seeing their faces when you pick them up, the sound of “Mummy!” is just awesome, I never get sick of hearing my daughter say those words when I collect her from preschool and of course collecting is son is just as good. These moments make it all worthwhile.