Baby not sleeping? How to avoid those sleepless nights

As parents, we’ve all seen it: Since your precious little one has arrived, getting a good night’s sleep has been nothing but a distant memory. During the early days of life with a new-born, we tend to be so focused on our baby’s health and wellbeing that sleepless nights seem like a small price to pay. By month three, we end up pretending to be asleep in hope that your partner is getting up instead. As sleep deprivation sets in, parents are often desperate for help getting their babies to sleep more soundly at night.

Getting enough sleep is particularly important for infants as the growth hormone needed for tissue and muscle development is primarily released during sleep. What parents need to understand is that babies will develop the ability to sleep well naturally – just as they learn how to walk. However, this can take shorter or longer depending on the individual baby and there are some things we can do as parents to help.

First off, we need to ensure that we create an environment conducive to sleep. Then, putting too much emphasis on feeding (so always thinking that the child is hungry and automatically feeding when she or he wakes up). Keep in mind that sleep is influenced by the brain and not the stomach. Finally, if all this doesn’t help, you’ve ruled out anything serious and your baby is still restless and wakes up at night, it might be time for some help.

The unique recipe for Biobubs has been helping parents with their babies sleeping for centuries now and the good news is that we’re now making it available to the public: Simply place a pinch (approx. 10-20) of micro-granules inside your baby’s cheek and they will dissolve within seconds for rapid absorption. And containing 100% all natural ingredients and absolutely no chemical nasties whatsoever, there’s really no reason not to give it a try to get back a little more peace and quiet at night.


About the Author

I am Liz Reid, co-owner of Biobubs. I have two kids of my own, both boys, who are now 8 and 10. They are a bit older now but when they were babies they were screamers, so I used a home-made version of what is now called Biobubs to calm them down in their worst moments and help them sleep through the night. This little remedy was based on a family recipe that had been handed down from generation to generation but only after my own experience, I’ve decided to make it available to the greater public. Before Biobubs, I have worked in childcare for a long time and have researched and written extensively on paediatric ailments and natural, non-chemical treatments for these. One of the most common problems I see is tired babies and consequently, tired Mums! So it was about time our family secret was put to the test to see if what worked for myself and my two little bubs can work for other Mums and their little ones too.







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