3 Positive Ways for Us to Deal with our Parenting Challenges

Nobody said parenting would be easy.

As much as we love our little bundles of joy, the difficulties that come along with the role of “mum” are plenty.  From health concerns and behavioural difficulties, to financial woes and just wanting the best for our children, our day to day struggles are real. Sometimes it’s the act of simply being too hard upon ourselves and thinking that we’re not measuring up to these challenges at all that can be the difference between a difficult day and a damn-near  impossible one.

While we can’t wave our magic wand and just make all of these parental worries go away — we can better ourselves and the way we handle all of the craziness that life throws at us.

3 Tips for Mum:

  1. Just Breathe

Yes, it sounds so simple.  But, taking command of our breathing really is one of the most powerful tools we have to calm down and deal with stress — and it’s always accessible to us … for free!

By breathing more deeply and from your stomach — you signal your nervous system to calm down. To get a little more technical, there is a nerve, the vagus nerve, that runs from our stomach to our brain, which is responsible for regulating our nervous system response and even lowering our heart rate.And this is why deep breathing helps us to calm down so quickly.

A simple breathing exercise to try is 4×4 Breathing, as outlined below:

1. Inhale slowly through your nose to the count of 4.

  1. Hold your breath to the count of 4.
    3. Then slowly release to the count of 4.
    4. Pause for a 4 count, and then begin the cycle again.A few cycles of this, and there will be a noticeable difference in the amount of calm you feel.


  1. Use Positive Affirmations 

When we find ourselves in a stressful or challenging situation, our mind can automatically go to a place of defeat.

“This is too hard.”
“I’ll never be able to dig my way out of this hole.”
“I’m not very good at parenting.”

“Why can’t I do it right?!”

These are just some of the disempowering thoughts that weigh down the positive spirit of mothers across the planet. This voice in our head affects how we feel in our body. It is these negative thoughts that can quickly cause a downward cycle that has us feeling far worse about ourselves than the reality of our circumstances, and before we realise it, feeling like we’ll never get back on top.

This is why it helps to train your brain to look for the positive. Some “go-to” mantras that can help you through those rough patches are:

“I can do hard things.”

“We got this.”

“It is getting better/easier every day.”

“Let’s just take it moment by moment.”

“I am a badass.”

“This is making me stronger. I am titanium.”

Notice that the positive affirmations have an entirely different feel to them.

They will set you up in a more empowered head space that will allow you to take on whatever troubles come your way with style and grace. And, again, self-created positive thoughts are always available and don’t cost a thing. It just takes a little practice to change your mindset.

  1. Meditate (of course!)

We are always promoting the powers of meditation … because the positive results are plentiful!

When we learn to sit in stillness and practice, the deep focus and awareness that is meditation, our minds begin to change.  Even in the face of much adversity, we can find our way to calm a lot more quickly and easily.

And it can be as simple as taking a five minute breather any time during the day to set a timer and meditate.

Sit with your eyes closed … and just notice your breath.  Draw your awareness to each inhale and feel the air coming in through your nostrils. Follow it down your throat and deep into your diaphragm, noticing how your belly rises.

As you exhale, feel the breath leaving your nose (or your lips) as your belly falls. Continue like this, just noticing the inhales.

And the exhales. Again. And again.

Once the timer goes off – congratulations, you just meditated. And, you’ve probably felt a really nice shift in your mood.

It really is that simple! The only “hard” part is building consistency through routine practice. What that routine looks like for you is your individual choice. If you look to those 5, 15, or 20 minutes (go slow and grow) each day as an investment in yourself, your wellbeing, and your future, you’ll be cool as a cucumber whenever life’s daily mum stress moments arise.

Parenting has never been easy and sorry (not sorry) it’s not going to magically become a breeze. But the way you handle the stress and deal with the adversity is something you absolutely can control. You’re more formidable a force than you know.

We hope you like the three tips we shared.  And, if you would like our free Modern Mama Meditation please visit www.dawnwarrior.com/freemeditation.


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