Nail trimming for Children with Sensory processing issues using the Nail Snail.

How to trim your 0-5 year olds fingernails and toenails with the Nail Snail if they suffer from sensory processing issues.

Do you find trimming your child’s nails stressful?
Here are some tips and tricks on how best to tackle this task with a child who is on the autism spectrum or has, sensory processing issues or sensitivities.
If you dread this task we’re here to offer some helpful insights into making life a little easier.

1. Nail clippers and scissors are ‘scary’ and no matter how big or small they are, or what extra fancy features they possess, there is still one main issue. They each create noise, which is distracting and for some children intolerable.
2. Nail files even the electric ones make some degree of noise but are very time consuming and can play on your child’s sensitivity.
3. Enter the Nail Snail shaped like a fun, friendly snail it is noiseless, efficient, effective, easier and safer.
4. Before cutting their nails you help reduce their tactile sensitivity with a stress ball, play-doh or putty.
5. A vibrating toy can also be a great desensitizer for the hands and fingers prior to trimming and a welcome distraction.
6. Their favourite T.V. show or listen to their favourite song this can keep them focussed on something other than trimming their nails.
7. After a bath or shower when your child’s nails are softest is best, as the Nail Snails precision blade is designed specifically for tailored trimming of soft fingernails and toenails(this will make them even easier to trim).
8. Press down gently on the centre of the Nail prior to trimming helps to reduce sensitivity.
9. Remember to trim the nails short but not to close to the nail bed this can increase sensitivity of the tips of the finger.
10. The nail file can be used to smooth off any rough edges and has been especially designed for soft nails.
11. Clean under the nail with the tail removing any dirt and grime helps to reduce the chance of sickness and infection.
12. Lastly the noiseless design of the Nail Snail allows you to stealthily trim while they are sleeping…if all else fails.
We hope these handy tips and tricks will make trimming your child’s fingernails and toenails easier and less stressful. After all it should be a moment of nail care deepening the bond and building trust between you and your child.

About the Author

Julia Christie is a wife, mother of three and inventor of the Nail Snail. As the CEO of Christie & Christie she is mastering the fine art of running a successful company and family life, throw in a love of pottery, jazz singing, and topped of with Zumba.