Why Use A Cloth Nappy Service?

As it stands today, most Australian parents still choose convenience over cost and environmental concerns when it comes to nappies. I can relate to this, as my life has never been busier. That’s really how Little Eco Baby Nappy Service began. We loved modern cloth nappies but could understand why busy parents were still using disposables. So we decided to provide a sustainable, no fuss service that is affordable and convenient to time poor parents.

A cloth nappy service offers the ultimate in convenience. You get all the benefits of cloth nappies without any of the hard work!

But what’s involved with cloth nappies and why would you opt to use a nappy service?

  1. You get to use a tried and tested modern cloth nappy 

Finding the perfect modern cloth nappy can be a costly experience! There’s a lot to consider:

  • Price?
  • Have they been ethically produced?
  • What materials are they made from?
  • What size will fit best?
  • Which shape is most effective?
  • Will it be comfortable?
  • Are they easy to use?
  • How can they be washed and dried?

Yes, it’s overwhelming, so relax, when you use a cloth nappy service all the research has been done for you! After tireless testing we found THE nappies! Little Eco Baby uses boutique nappies that are made from the highest quality materials and come in a mix of trendy colours and designs. They are 100% Australian designed, owned, operated and use ethically focused garment manufacture.

  1. Have your laundry done for you

If your life is busy and you want more time away from those household jobs, (who doesn’t) a cloth nappy service could be the answer to all your prayers.

  • No washing
  • No soaking
  • No drying
  • No folding
  • No sorting
  • No electricity costs

A nappy service does all this for you! And when you get into the science behind washing cloth nappies, there’s actually quite a bit to it.

Firstly you have to prep the nappies. This enables your nappies to reach their peak absorbency and usually requires up to eight washes.

Then you need to perfect your wash routine.

  • Which washing powder?
  • Which machine cycle?
  • Do I pre wash?
  • Will they need an extra rinse?
  • What about soaking?
  • Should I line dry or tumble dry?

Yes, it’s a lot to think about, and if you are considering washing yourself, that’s awesome. There are fantastic online groups available to support you, and I can say with confidence that you can easily work washing your own nappies into your everyday life (I’ve done it myself!)

But if you want convenience, having your laundry done for you is a total game changer!

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

Despite their modern popularity, disposable nappies pose significant environmental problems. Australia uses a staggering 5.6 million nappies every day! This means that over 2 billion used nappies go into landfill sites in Australia every year. On top of this, it is estimated that disposable nappies can take around 500 years to decompose, contributing to huge amounts of carbon emissions.

Then when you take into consideration that disposable nappies use 3 times more energy, 20 times more raw materials and 2 times more water than cloth nappies during the manufacturing process. Reusable cloth nappies will always come out on top from an environmental perspective.

On top of this, you can rest easy knowing that Little Eco Baby works out of a CARBON NEUTRAL LAUNDRY! Our laundry is 100% solar powered! Every day we help to dramatically cut down on emissions from fossil fuels. So if you’re tossing up whether to DIY or use a nappy service, (and your not already doing the renewable energy thing) we are your greenest option!

  1. Nappy assembly is done for you

Modern cloth nappies usually come in two parts (waterproof outer shell and absorbent inserts) and have to be put together after they are laundered.

The shell is sized to suit your baby and the absorbent inserts are put inside the nappy. A disposable biodegradable liner is then placed inside to catch any solid waste.

For many cloth nappy users, once you’ve mastered the routine of washing and drying your nappies you need to decide on nappy assembly. Do you assemble on the run as you’re changing each nappy or do you assemble all at once, so they are ready and rearing to go?

Either option has its downfalls, you either have to sacrifice time or convenience.

When you use Little Eco Baby Nappy Service there’s no sacrifice at all! Your modern cloth nappies come fully sized and assembled to suit your baby, so they are as easy to use as a disposable!

  1. Safe for your baby 

In Australia disposable nappy manufacturers do not have to disclose all their ingredients and most refuse to do so. It’s really confronting as a parent to learn that mainstream disposables really do contain toxic chemicals!

High quality modern cloth nappies are made from chemical free natural fibres. For your baby this means, less irritation and less nappy rash.

But it’s not only the nappy material you have to consider. For cloth nappies, it’s also the washing solution. Little Eco Baby Nappy Service hygienically washes according to Australian Laundry Standards. Using a non toxic wash solution made from all natural plant based ingredients, ensures all nappies are safe and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Using a non toxic cloth nappy service is one way you can guarantee your baby’s not coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

  1. Everything you need is included

When considering a cloth nappy service it’s worth looking into what’s included in your weekly fee. To cloth nappy successfully there’s a few extra things you need, and when you subscribe to Little Eco Baby, everything you need is included:

  • Welcome pack and instructions.
  • Waterproof laundry bag for easy storage and transportation of your nappies.
  • Nappy basket for hygienic storage at home.
  • Small waterproof bag for outings.

Using cloth nappies does not have to be all or nothing. Every nappy saved from landfill makes a positive difference! Little Eco Baby offers different service packages:

Our Full Time Service Package provides you with 21 modern cloth nappies set up for day time use and 4 modern cloth nappies set up for night time. This is approximately 7 nappies per day, and is most suited for a newborn baby or perfect for parents wanting to make the complete switch to modern cloth nappies.

Our Part Time Service Package is our “most of the time” package. It provides you with 18 modern cloth nappies. This is approximately 5 nappies per day, and is most suited to a baby 3 months and older or perfect for someone wanting to use modern cloth nappies through the day and disposables at night.

Our Casual Service Package is our “sometimes” package. It provides you with 12 modern cloth nappies. This is approximately 3 nappies per day, and is perfect for someone wanting to make more sustainable choices while still using disposables when it suits them.

We also provide a BYO Service Package. This includes the hygienic laundering of your own modern cloth nappies. It’s a fantastic option for the tired and time poor parent who needs a break from the chore of cleaning and assembling their own set of modern cloth nappies.

  1. No more shopping for nappies

Make your life easier! Having modern cloth nappies delivered to your door is so convenient! And for a comparable price to disposable nappies you can say goodbye to that last minute dash to the shops!

  1. It’s a great way to try out cloth nappies

There are many misconceptions about modern cloth nappies, which are a far cry from the terry towelling squares our mums used. And I say this from experience, as I was once a non-believer! I had worries like:

  • They leak.
  • My baby will get nappy rash.
  • They are hard to put on.
  • They’re too time consuming.
  • My baby won’t sleep as well.

Whatever your concern is, a cloth nappy service is the perfect way to test out cloth nappies before spending up on your own set. Little Eco Baby offers a subscription service with no lock ins or contracts.

A nappy service can also be a great short-term option if you want to start out with cloth nappies with your newborn but don’t want to invest in newborn sized nappies or you’re not up for washing laundry right away.


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About the Author

Stacey Ring is the co-founder of Little Eco Baby Nappy Service. Little Eco Baby is a safe, sustainable, no fuss nappy service that is affordable for time poor parents.

Stacey is passionate about sustainability, natural health and wellbeing and is motivated by helping parents make more positive choices for their babies’ future.

Website: http://www.littleecobaby.com.au

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